Over Hill N Dale

Virginia Cresswel - AuthorBy Virginia Cresswell & Cynthia Brewster-Keating


Over Hill and Dale is the story of Faye and Penelope, horse-crazy BFF’s who go on an adventure together and support each other through the highs and lows of their young lives.

This is the perfect book for all the horse-crazy tweens in your life.

Over Hill and Dale is uniquely special because Cynthia re-located the manuscript after her mother’s passing, only to discover her mother had written the book when she was just a girl.

While Cynthia’s mother Virginia did not have the courage to publish this wonderful story, her daughter Cynthia displays the same courage as Faye does in Over Hill and Dale as she brings her mother’s dream into a reality as co-author of this wonderful book.

All of the artwork in the book was done by Virginia Cresswell when she wrote the book as a young girl, more than 50 years ago!

"Virginia Cresswell wrote the story that every girl of all ages dreams about-A
horse of her own and a best friend to share riding with. And Faye and
Penelope certainly have their share of real life adventures! Over Hill n' Dale
is a charming tale with original illustrations that Virginia's daughter, Cynthia
Brewster-Keating, has brought to life." Nicole Balding Roca, Author,
Harrodsburg, KY fourlegsandatail@tumblr.com.

"A great read for the 'Young Entry', Over Hill and Dale is a warm story of the friendship bond only horses can bring to your life."
Melody Taylor-Scott, Southborough, MA. Equestrian Services www.Evergreenwebandmediaservices.com

"The publishing of Over Hill and Dale is a fit memorial to author Virginia Cresswell by her daughter, Cynthia, and a wonderful tribute to the melding of two generations through friendship and the shared love of horses depicted within these pages."
Laine Raia, author, editor and proprietor of The Ponderaia Stables, North Reading, MA. www.ponderaia.com.

"The delicate ingredients of a teenage friendship thickened by the love of horses, spiced with a touch of mystery and dream-come-true dust, all baked in the aged iron pan of a simpler time. What a dish!"
Janeane Reagan, PhD, Altoona, Florida. Author of "Rein in Your Brain: Do-it-Yourself Mental Training for Riders and Drivers."www.yourmindmatters.net.

"Over Hill and Dale is a gentle story of two girls facing hardships in their young lives. Their love of horses and dedication to each other draw them closer to their dreams. It is now Cynthia Brewster-Keating who fulfills her mother's dream by completing the story her mother wrote and illustrated as a young girl."
Barbara Linsley, Author of several wonderful children's books at www.barbaralinsley.com.

"An imaginative tale of two young horse lovers told in a sparkling style; how they meet and overcome difficulties in their relationships with their parents and each other, with a happy ending for them (and their horses!)" Adrien Synnott, Horse Tales for the Soul Author.